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The Ultimate Rollover Retiirement Guide by William Smith

About The Book

The Ultimate Rollover Retirement Guide will teach you how to take your 401 (K) and roll it over into an annuity to ensure your savings don’t outlast your lifespan. Many people are unaware that you can take your existing 401K and use it to purchase a single premium annuity that is guarantee you income for the rest of your life that keeps up with the rate of inflation guaranteed!

About the author.

William Smith has been a financial advisor for the past 30 years. With thousands of clients and decades of experience, his expertise is the basis for this book and the wealth of information it contains. 


As an independent distribution income planner, my passion is assisting families in protecting their assets and leaving a legacy to their loved ones. By analyzing your unique situation, there are a number of strategies available to not only provide a death benefit, but using living benefits to grow your investment with gains of more than 3 times the current returns people are getting on savings, CD’s, and/or money market accounts, provide income in the event of a critical illness or disabling accident, long-term care benefits and more.

I also educate retirees and pre-retirees how to maximize their Social Security benefits and provide a more secure retirement, insuring they don’t outlive their income, while protecting against stock market losses and about the new government changes on spousal beneficiaries effective December 19, 2020.

Working with small business owners to provide income protection, utilizing life insurance with living benefits is something that I’m passionate about. This is an important protection because 48% of small businesses fail due to unforeseen medical problems. Health insurance alone doesn’t cover all of the costs that can arise in the case of an accident or critical illness, and there are affordable and comprehensive coverage that can protect your way of life when you don’t have a large employer to fall back on.

Indexed programs are available to grow money safely for college, down payment on house, new car, and a piece of mind. Make your money work for you while you’re still alive!

My job is to find solutions for you; your job is to call me, share your concerns, and let’s go to work on strategies for your future.

In addition, I offer final expense for seniors, mortgage protection for new home owners, college funding, term insurance, whole life, and annuities. 

The Ultimate Guide to a Stree Free Retirement

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Learn how to plan and save for a stree free retirement using proven strategies and financial products. By William Smith

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